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A Quick Word About Fear

It’s something we all experience; fear. We’re not just talking about the fear of being attacked by a brown bear or the fear of the psychotic clown who lives under your bed. Fear can come in many forms, but the biggest show-stopper of them all is the fear of failure. Our society, for some reason,

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We all want things to happen now. We have become a nation of instant gratification: fast food, 2 minute abs – it seems as if the virtue of patience is beginning to slowly disperse from our tool bag. Now don’t get me wrong – if we can get the same results by doing something quicker,

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Coach Connor Gunning for Glory

After an amazing and decorated fighting career in the children’s and youth divisions, that saw wins in the ISKA Europeans and World Championships, Connor Porter shows no signs of slowing down in the adult weight classes.  Porter, who is 19 years of age and coaches at Winspers Martial Arts Centre, has already became an established

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